Creating DNS records

Creating DNS records for your domain is easy to do within the Slicehost Management Panel.

In this article we will look at creating a DNS zone for your domain and adding basic A and NS records using the SliceManager interface.


Perhaps unsurprisingly, the first thing we have to do is log into the SliceManager which can be found at

DNS Panel

Once logged in, click the DNS tab were you will be faced with this:

New Domain

Click the 'new domain' link and enter your domain name.

Note: This does not create a record (you may be used to the 'old' SliceManager). It is only the title of the zone records. We still need to create records.


Once done, click on 'records' next to your domain name.

As mentioned, there are no records yet:

Let's go ahead and add the domain A records.

A Records

We'll start with the basics and add an 'A' record for the domain ( and for a 'www' subdomain so users can navigate to the site using ''.

Click on 'New Record'. You will notice a drop down box that shows the types of records that are available:

Make sure 'A' is selected and then fill in the details for your domain.

In my case I used the following:

Name: (Note the period '.' at the end of the full domain).


Ensure you input the correct IP address for your Slice.

Repeat the process but use 'www' for the Name. When using subdomains, there is no need to enter a period '.' at the end of the record. So the details would be:

Name: www


If you receive an error message complaining about the need for an "FQDN", that means the interface is requiring the full domain name for that record ("") instead of just the subdomain ("www").

NS Records

One things that is often missed and is a requirement if you are to set up your domain records 'correctly' are the domain's NS records.

These are not the same as the records you set with your domain registrar.

If you have not set those main NS records, you will still need to do so.

Following the same procedure as with the A records, click 'New Record' and ensure that 'NS' is selected from the drop down box.

I used the following values:

Name: (Note the period '.' at the end of the full domain).

Data: (Note the period '.' at the end of the full domain).

Repeat this for each of the main NS records your created with your domain. For most domains this will need to be done for and


Once done, the five records we created will look something like this:

Naturally, your records will be for your domain and your Slice IP address.

Feel free to add as many records as you need.


Creating a DNS zone and adding DNS records is very easy with the SliceManager.

The next articles will concentrate on setting up reverse DNS and looking at MX (Mail Exchange) records.


Article Comments:

Daniel Lucraft commented Fri Nov 09 09:30:33 UTC 2007:

Hi there is a typo above where you have put rather than ns2.

I wouldn't mention it except that I have twice now cut and pasted it into my registrars settings field!

best, Dan

PickledOnion commented Fri Nov 09 09:35:46 UTC 2007:


Thanks. Always feel free to let me know of typos and other mistakes!

I have changed it.

Once again, thanks,


Bovn commented Thu Dec 27 21:57:21 UTC 2007:

A tip is to use the command nslookup in the terminal after fixing with the DNS. You should then see an arrow which means that you can type in the url to your domain. The response will then be the IP address that the domain is linked to. If that is your slice ip-address then you have succeeded.

PickledOnion commented Fri Dec 28 11:00:12 UTC 2007:


Thanks for the tip.

However, you may be better off using the 'dig' command as outlined in this article:

That way, you can check the records before they are propagated, which is quicker than waiting for the record to propagate to see if it has been entered correctly.


Robert Gonzalez commented Fri Jan 04 17:41:07 UTC 2008:

Thanks for the great tutorial. This worked out of the box as expected. I had a domain routing in minutes. Awesome. Thanks again.

Kevin Chiu commented Sat Jan 12 05:44:53 UTC 2008:

So, if I get a second domain, do I just do the same procedure and make a duplicate www record, or is there something I'm missing here?

Colin Z commented Sat Jan 12 20:55:20 UTC 2008:

The registrar for my domain is Yahoo. I've changed my name servers on their end to be

Do I need to also change any of the other records on their end, such as A or CNAME? Or will they basically be ignored since I set slicehost as my nameservers?

PickledOnion commented Mon Jan 14 12:41:57 UTC 2008:


You would go through the whole procedure for each domain you have - so add a 'zone' and add each DNS record that the domain needs.


Once you set the main nameservers to point to Slicehost, all record queries will be made at the Slicehost nameservers.


gmelton commented Wed Jan 16 18:13:38 UTC 2008:

This little tutorial is great!

When I got to work today my personal domain name is not reachable over my corp network. I can reach my IP directly. This leads me to believe that I might be missing something somewhere. Logic tells me it has something to do with DNS but I have no idea where to start.

Has anyone else seen this problem?

gmelton commented Wed Jan 16 18:31:11 UTC 2008:

Alright, I think I have the answer to my own question (hi-five self!):

hmart commented Sun Jan 20 03:35:31 UTC 2008:

I want to recommend the DNS HOW TO.

A must for a sysadmin!

Harish commented Mon Jan 21 02:22:48 UTC 2008:

Suggestion: DNS Zone Templates?

John commented Wed Jan 30 07:02:26 UTC 2008:

I want to make a blog subdomain that points to a wordpress directory. Do I make a A record or CNAME record? I can't figure this out. I made a and a2ensited it. But it is redirecting to instead.

PickledOnion commented Wed Jan 30 10:30:45 UTC 2008:


You can create either - I would recommend an A record pointing to the IP as it only requires one request.

As such, follow the same procedure as for the 'www' example above but use 'blog' instead.

If you have issues once the record is created (and has been propagated) then it will be an problem with the vhost file and not the record itself.


John commented Wed Jan 30 18:34:44 UTC 2008:

Thanks for the quick response. I have it working as an A record. I've changed so many things, I'm not sure what was the problem:) But it seems to be working now. Thanks!

Bliss commented Thu Jan 31 05:01:04 UTC 2008:

Thanks for the article. It made setting DNS entries so easy. But this is too easy isn't it? Is there any check done at the main registrars for the host/IP address? I can type in google's name and my IP address and get all the traffic in the world ;-)

Ben commented Sun Feb 17 20:38:26 UTC 2008:

Is there any way to do wildcards for subdomains? I want to catch all subdomains and point them to an app that uses that to determine the account.

Ben commented Sun Feb 17 20:51:58 UTC 2008:

I found my own answer now ... * as an A record ... the period on the end is important

Jeff commented Fri Feb 22 14:31:08 UTC 2008:

Can anyone give me a clue how/where to configure the MX records related to my domain? This is what I was told to do. I just don't see where/how to do it. Thanks....

Required: mx0 - mx10 -

Optional: cname - mapped to (required for Outlook or other Email Client)

cname - mapped to (required for webmail shortcut)

PickledOnion commented Fri Feb 22 14:48:05 UTC 2008:


Have a look at the articles tagged with dns:

There are a couple on MX records, including the 'creating an MX Record' which sounds as if it will help.


David commented Sat Mar 01 06:13:55 UTC 2008:

Thanks so much for the outstanding articles. I hope that I haven't missed this already discussed, but I was wondering if there is any benefit to having control of the DNS relinquished to the Slicehost DNS servers?

I currently use a number of shared webhosts (I have a 256 slice, but still learning) and find that it is less of a hassle to switch email and such to different hosts if it is all managed in one place. Is this not good practice?

PickledOnion commented Mon Mar 03 12:30:33 UTC 2008:


I prefer keeping my DNS records in one place as I have domains from several registrars.

there is no technical reason to do so. entirely up to you.


Roderik commented Tue Mar 04 06:17:20 UTC 2008:


I want to host another domain on my slice. But when I try to add the domain in the dns table I get the following error:

Origin is invalid

The domain is registered and the nameservers are set. Am I supposed to add the records of this new domain to the records of the old domain? I can't find anything on this error either on the web.

Edward S. Marshall commented Fri Mar 14 14:23:27 UTC 2008:

Feature request: one more action at the domain level (next to records|edit|delete) to download the zone in a bind-compatible format (translating to the someone's favorite format could be left as an exercise to the user grin). It's important to be able to back this up, especially with more involved zone configurations. (I didn't see a provision for doing zone transfers anywhere, but being able to do an AXFR of the data from our slices would also solve the problem nicely).

Another nice-to-have would be displaying priority next to MX and SRV records in the record editing screen; unless the hostname or srv data give an indication of priority, you're not sure which entry is which until you click on it. :-)

Otherwise: nice interface! Beats some of the other webby frontends I've seen to DNS before. Adding the IP addresses of your slices at the bottom of each editing screen is a nice touch. :-)

Nuri commented Mon Mar 31 13:08:10 UTC 2008:

I didn't get why should (or not) i use DNS Records?

jsnod commented Tue Apr 01 20:19:38 UTC 2008:

Would it be possible for you to update the SliceManager DNS tool to allow sorting by column? EG: click the 'Data' column header, and it sorts all entries by the Data field.

Vaibhav commented Sat Apr 05 14:29:50 UTC 2008:

At the registrar's end, I need to change just the DNS records - right?

Tiago Faria commented Sat May 03 18:15:14 UTC 2008:

I usually create a CNAME record pointing * to

Just to make sure, in case there is a typo in a sub-domain, for example, people still get directed to my main domain.

Vidmantas commented Thu Jun 12 10:25:52 UTC 2008:

Hi, is there a way to do this in the console? I wrote myself vhost management script and it would be great to have an option to update/create DNS records too.

PickledOnion commented Thu Jun 12 10:33:28 UTC 2008:


You can use the API:

Slicehost Articles: SliceManager API Documentation


Jason commented Mon Jun 16 15:58:56 UTC 2008:

I'd like to second the suggestion for zone templates. I like that the DNS management interface is simple, but it's a real pain to have to click around so much to add these entries over and over.

An alternative is to allow batch input of records, which would also make it a lot easier to manage multiple records.

Anyway, thanks for the article.

lyrix commented Wed Jul 02 15:16:44 UTC 2008:

I used 1and1 for my domain registration and simply pointed the A record of a subdomain to my IP provided by slicehost.

This seems to work, but i am not sure if I am missing something?

One thing i'd like to have is the good looking email address to receive emails, such as, in this case, i probably should leave the A record of to 1and1 and use their email service?

Sorry i am really new to the whole website administration process

wuputah commented Wed Jul 30 22:59:34 UTC 2008:

It might be a stretch, but if your backend is bind-style zone files, it would be nice for those of us comfortable working with those to directly modify the file. It would be much faster than using the user interface (I'm not putting down your interface - after using a myriad of DNS interfaces, I've found the best is the original - a text file). A link that says "edit the zone file (advanced users only)" at the top of the "Records" page would suffice.

Jason commented Thu Jul 31 23:45:08 UTC 2008:

How do you feel about CNAME usage instead of A records for www subdomains? Pros? Cons?

For Example: A www CNAME

PickledOnion commented Fri Aug 01 09:42:20 UTC 2008:


Advantage of cnames is that it is easier to change the DNS records as you only need to change 1 record and the www subdomain will be changed via the cname.

Disadvantage is that it takes two requests to the get the information, one to 'www' which then has to reference the main domain.

My personal opinion is A records are better - the tiny issue of time saved if changing an IP (how often do you change a domain IP?) compared to doubling the lookups for each requests makes cnames inferior.

Note that is just my opinion and some people swear by names.


giacomo commented Fri Aug 08 10:13:09 UTC 2008:

Hi, is there a way to have a single IP reverse-resolved to many hostnames/domains? Since I have more than one domain, I also need to have direct/reverse lookup for the host "mail":

dig ---> 209.x.y.z dig ---> 209.x.y.z

(this is easily done by setting up each domain zone separately as described above)

dig -x 209.x.y.z ---> --->

As far as I can see, I can only specify one domain in the "reverse DNS" setup.

Martin Evans commented Fri Aug 08 15:14:09 UTC 2008:

How do you setup if you just want to alias a domain i.e aliased to

Scott Moody commented Fri Oct 10 23:09:34 UTC 2008:

I'm with giacomo. I have 11 domains with their own mail and I need to know if the RDNS is going to work or not before I transfer all these domains to Slice.

Do we have to use for every domain or can we use mail.domain[1,2,3].com for each one?

Hamish commented Mon Oct 20 12:29:35 UTC 2008:

Hi, do I have to set up an MX record for my domain name? I currently have a reverse DNS lookup set like so: Cheers.

Jack commented Thu Jan 15 08:39:09 UTC 2009:

How do i edit my website now..?

Chris commented Thu Jan 22 06:23:02 UTC 2009:

I see there are a few requests for Zone templates in the above comments made a while ago. I am new to Slicehost, but I plan to try using disabled Zones as templates.

I am not sure if this is the answer to the feature requests, but can anyone tell me if this is an improper use of the Enabled/Disabled option for zones?

James Wilson commented Thu Jan 29 21:22:11 UTC 2009:

In the DNS records, is there a way to do URL forwarding? I need to forward a subdomain to another sight within a folder so I need to be able to input the whole url. Thanks.

Michael commented Tue Feb 03 01:11:47 UTC 2009:

I think you have a typo here:

"Repeat this for each of the main NS records your created with your domain."

Not being an expert in DNS, I'm having trouble seeing through the typo.

Cheers, Michael

PickledOnion commented Tue Feb 03 12:11:21 UTC 2009:

James - that would be done on the Slice in the virtual host setting for the domain. Not at the DNS level.

Michael - I don't see a typo anywhere. That sentence is referring to adding the NS (Name Server) records. In other words, I showed how to add the first one, you then carry on for all the NS records you have for the domain.



Daniel Phin commented Fri Feb 06 13:37:05 UTC 2009:


"Repeat this for each of the main NS records your created with your domain."

Daniel Phin commented Fri Feb 06 13:39:43 UTC 2009:

Ugh, this site has no CSS rules set for , so you won't see the emphasis that I placed on "your" above.

Glenn commented Sat Feb 21 16:22:34 UTC 2009:

Is there any need to setup our own ns1 and ns2 name servers or should we just be using your sliceserver ns servers. Most server providors give you the option of setting these. If so, would we just enter them in as and obviously the four X's representing the host name. Is nothing else needed to be done. If you suggest against this then obviously we will heed your advice.

ritesh commented Sun Mar 01 07:22:03 UTC 2009:

Hi, i am having my domain hosted at , i want to host one of my subdomain , hosted at slicehosting.

Will i still be needing to add A records, for domain , and again for subdomain.

I am getting confused confused with www name.

Do i need to make modification in a records , mx record, DNS records change in godaddy , with slice ip , and NS1.XXXXXX

let me know if any one has tried that.


matthew commented Tue Mar 03 00:31:12 UTC 2009:

a question regarding sub-domains hosted elsewhere.

if i setup an NS and an A record the main domain, will that override the sub-domain?

Michael Samoylov commented Thu Apr 02 15:16:45 UTC 2009:

Hi. Does your platform supports zone RU? Because I can't change nameservers to yours (" does no contain any records about")

ramesh commented Sat Apr 11 14:25:50 UTC 2009:

Hi, when i type my domain with it redirects to How to stop this redirection? Thanks.

Gregory Whiteside commented Tue Apr 14 16:19:16 UTC 2009:

i'm trying to create a new zone for a .gz domain, but it says "Origin is invalid". What do you suggest doing in this case? Thank you

Dino commented Thu May 28 18:50:50 UTC 2009:


My company has decided to switch server hosting to slicehost. I was in the middle of editing sites when I realized how much of a bother it is to setup dns entries for each site I want to move here (i.e. click DNS, click new domain, type in domain name, click records, type in domain name, type in ip address, click create this record...).

Is there a text file that I can edit somewhere directly to do this? We plan to move 600 small websites you see, and doing this repeatedly looks bleak.

PickledOnion commented Fri May 29 11:14:52 UTC 2009:


We don't have that facility - however, you can duplicate a zone so if most items are the same that will save much time.

You could also utilise our API and create a script to create the records for you. If you have 600 domain it may be worth the time to do that?


Josh commented Wed Jul 01 16:27:56 UTC 2009:

I'm attempting to setup just a sub-domain, and nothing more. Not even the TLD itself will be hosted on the server - any thoughts?

IE: points to a server we own, while I want to go to my slice.

Note: I do have the DNS settings at my registrar setup for a sub domain to point to my slice, so it's just the DNS record for my slice I need info for.

quasar link commented Fri Jul 10 14:19:53 UTC 2009:

This tutorial was my salvation. I had move from a Hosting, and this is my fist experience on VPS.

It's Great.

Thanks a Lot.

Quasar Link

MS commented Sat Jul 18 18:35:36 UTC 2009:

Hi, very nice article for a newbie like myself, was a breeze to set up a domain and 3 subdomains. Now, at the end, "The next article ..." I am not even sure what article should I be visiting, can you please make that a hyperlink to the article? Thanks, - MS.

Joel Parker Henderson commented Sun Jul 19 04:51:03 UTC 2009:

I agree with the posters who are requesting a direct way to edit the files-- some kind of bind and/or text file would be faster for experts to do bulk updates and backups. Thanks for considering this -JPH

Richard commented Fri Oct 09 17:03:26 UTC 2009:

A friend's site has been down for 2 days as they are total newbies. While this interface and article seem easy for techies, as a guy who has hosted over 2 million domains for clients, why don't you have a form that auto sets up domains:

Domain + IP and creates the A Records for the domain, the www subdomain, and the * wildcard, as well as the NS records. Then have an Advanced DNS button for more control?

Seems like an hour or two of your programmers' time would save countless hours of your customers time.

And having to remember to enter the "dot" at the end? Come on... how easy is it to program your interface to delete spaces and to add dots where needed? Sure, technically you are correct, but still.... program in to correct obvious errors and make your customers lives easier....


Lorren Biffin commented Sat Oct 10 22:29:12 UTC 2009:

I would have to agree with Richard above. Even if not catering to non-technical customers, entering DNS info is tedious and I'm sure the large majority of your customers would appreciate the initial setup of what settings will almost always be accurate.

I'd think it would be easier for those who don't need default configurations to modify as needed, where it is obviously less convenient to setup each record for each domain used.

Just a matter of courtesy imo. :)

Rich commented Wed Nov 04 01:15:48 UTC 2009:

What are examples of why I would want a low versus a high TTL?

BradB commented Tue Jan 12 05:24:27 UTC 2010:

I'm a bit confused by the NS section.

These are not the same as the records you set with your domain registrar. ... Repeat this for each of the main NS records your created with your domain.

In the first sentence, do you mean that creating records here is not a substitute for creating NS records with the domain registrar?

If my domain is registered with two nameservers and, that's what I would use here, yes?

Or not necessarily? Would using or suchlike here cause a conflict?

Samuel Paragreen commented Fri Apr 02 02:28:12 UTC 2010:

A nice feature would be to allow the user to import their DNS records from places that allow you to export them (such as GoDaddy).

Lantrix commented Thu Jul 29 01:50:50 UTC 2010:

Very simple to follow instructions. Slicehost is very quick to setup with the manager DNS panel. Thanks!

Nick commented Wed Dec 01 09:14:00 UTC 2010:


New to slicehost, and LOVE it. All the tutorial articles are first rate, and I've had 0 problems. I do have a question about the DNS set-up, though, despite the clear tutorial.

I have three sites right now that I am moving to my slice. I have no problem setting up the virtual server(s) with apache, and have set the name servers at the registrar ( godaddy ). But, I am wondering how I should enter them on the (slicehost) panel. Do I just do the A and NS records for each different site (,, etc ) all pointing to my single slicehost dot quad, or should I be doing something else?

Thanks in advance, and thanks for slicehost.

Jered commented Wed Dec 01 22:10:20 UTC 2010:

Nick, I would think all you need is to do a "new domain" for each (,, etc.), then create the appropriate A and CNAME and such records under each. Once they're set and the registrar points to our name servers for the domains' DNS you should be set. If the domains were pointing somewhere else previously, it may take a few hours for the change to completely propagate (since other DNS servers will have cached the old results).

If you want to check on the results of your DNS changes, you might check out the articles on dig.

Nick commented Thu Dec 02 23:53:00 UTC 2010:


After I posted that last night, I went ahead and did just that, and also set up the VirtualHosts on apache. After probably 15-30 minutes propogation time, everything worked fine. I could type in the urls of each of the three sites, and each was served properly. So, you're absolutely right.

Now, I'm experimenting to see if I can make use of the mail server that comes with the domain names via godaddy. As soon as you move the name servers to someone else, you naturally loose their DNS control panel. But, the mail is still there. Right now I can send, but not receive. So, I just set up some mx records, and cnames via my slicehost dns, and will wait and see.

Thanks for responding so fast, and for the link. I can honestly say that I've got nothing but praise for slicehost. I've had NO trouble whatsoever, everything works as it should, and the info to fill in any gaps in my knowledge is first rate.

Maen commented Sat Jan 01 11:38:51 UTC 2011:

Hi, I want to make a CNAME records so users access their mails from instead of what are the values I need to add in the CNAME record? the "NAME"? and the "DATA"?

Thanks in advance..

Erik commented Thu Jan 06 03:51:24 UTC 2011:

Super helpful! Thanks!

Alex Cook commented Thu Jan 06 04:11:53 UTC 2011:

I agree - you shouldn't have to do this manually one record at a time... way too much of a pain.

Would be nice to give us a simple API or let us upload a BIND record file or something.

I'll have to find another solution like Amazon Route 53 or dynDNS.

Is there plans to create an API or something?

Jered commented Fri Jan 07 21:26:32 UTC 2011:

Maen, you won't be able to use DNS alone to redirect a domain name to a full URL. Do do that your best bet would be to set up a DNS record for the domain, then run a simple web server that does a redirect or rewrite to send users from there to the Google Mail URL.

Alex, there is an API that lets you access Slicehost DNS data. The documentation is here, but I admit I haven't tinkered with it a lot myself. There's some discussion of it in our forums if you poke around, and some rapid deployment tools (like chef) use it to set up DNS for a new slice.

Mark commented Mon Jan 31 03:43:14 UTC 2011:


You can do that. Create a CNAME, for the Name field put , for the Data put - THEN go to Google Apps Dashboard: - click on the "Change URL" right at the top, click the second radio button, which defaults to "mail" for the value, then click continue. won't work, only will.

Antoine Banks commented Tue Feb 22 22:50:56 UTC 2011:

Let's say, I were to start my own DNS site, and just to see what happens, I do a zone for an already registered domain (i.e. and

Since, is already registered, would my dns site take the domain name, since I would have done it directly, or not? Not talking about going through a domain registrar. I already know that when you do a whois lookup, it'll say the site is already registered.

Not gonna do it, but, I've been curious about what happens if someone tries to do a direct zone for a site that's already registered.

Jered commented Wed Feb 23 15:56:56 UTC 2011:

In theory, what happens is that anyone using that DNS server for their name resolution will go to your IP address when they try to go to the domain. But only those using that DNS server as their main one will get that.

The way DNS works is basically: You tell your computer you want to go to Your computer checks its local list of names and addresses (the "hosts" file) to see if it's in there. If not, it gets in touch with its primary DNS server and asks for the IP address for The DNS server checks its own records, and if it sees it, returns that IP address. If it doesn't find it, it talks to the DNS root servers, the ones that keep track of which DNS servers are the authorities for each domain. The root server tells the DNS server where to go for information on the domain. Your computer then contacts that authority DNS server and hopefully gets the IP address back, which finally allows your client to connect to their server.

So the process can be intercepted at two points, basically. You can replace "" in your hosts file and go to a different place when you tell your browser to go there. Or, if you control a DNS server other clients connect to for information, you can add it there to override the domain's authority DNS server just for users using your DNS server.

In the case of Slicehost's DNS, I haven't tested this scenario thoroughly, but our authority name servers aren't used directly by any clients for their name resolution. We have different DNS servers that the slices connect to by default. That should mean that if you try to create a zone file for in our DNS it might go through, but no DNS clients would ever see your changes and use them (since the servers actually being used by slices would be referred to Yahoo's authorities instead).

I'm sure that's more information than you wanted, but that should cover the process. It's actually a mechanic ISPs employ to customize the content you get for some popular sites, or to filter spam, or just to help them track your browsing habits, according to the wikipedia entry for DNS hijacking. That's a fun read if you want to follow up on this topic.

casiodk commented Sat Mar 05 16:30:33 UTC 2011:

In my case I used the following:

Name: (Note the period '.' at the end of the full domain).


Is it always this data value, or how do i know what to put there?

Gene commented Thu May 19 03:00:15 UTC 2011:

When I attempt to add a new domain ( * I get the response "Origin The domain name is already taken." This has to be incorrect. Please advise. Thanks!

Avin commented Wed Jun 29 06:36:19 UTC 2011:

What is best value for TTL, If subdomain server running on different server not on slicehost ?

zan commented Mon Jul 25 05:21:21 UTC 2011:

Why do SliceHost Tutorials ROCK? Thanks Slicehost Peeps.

Jeremy commented Thu Sep 01 00:43:50 UTC 2011:

what DNS server software does Slicehost use?

Jered commented Sat Sep 03 16:13:08 UTC 2011:

I couldn't tell you offhand, Jeremy, but I would bet it's a version of BIND 9.

Avin Tokade commented Fri Nov 18 10:16:34 UTC 2011:

I have configured DNS record using slicehost DNS management tool. Which is really easy to manage records in Slicehost DNS manager.

But I am facing following issue: 1) My some website(sub-domain) which I not access regularly fail to resolve when I try to access in a some days.

2) Is this because I haven't access it daily .

3) Any setting remaining in Slicehost DNS session to keep site alive forever

4) Any tool can I use to keep my site alive.

My Web Server Details: Apache2 Passenger Module

David commented Thu Dec 22 01:41:31 UTC 2011:

Can we use your DNS service as a secondary DNS server rather than a primary?

Jered commented Thu Dec 22 15:40:21 UTC 2011:

You can, but it will involve more maintenance than using multiple servers from the same service. Setting both to DNS servers from the same service (like and let you maintain the DNS information at just that service. If you want your secondary and primary to be different services it will work, you'll just need to make sure to keep both services current when you make DNS changes.

billy commented Tue Aug 28 16:02:29 UTC 2012:

i'm getting a warning that has never happened before: "Fqdn must always be nested within its Zone"

danielsdesk commented Wed Sep 05 00:14:54 UTC 2012:

I second billy's post above me: I am also getting "Fqdn must always be nested within its Zone" error, which is troubling as I'm trying to make a record for a www subdomain

Jered commented Thu Sep 06 21:50:57 UTC 2012:

As I understand it, the error means that you need to use the fully-qualified domain name for that record (so instead of "www", use "").

John commented Fri Sep 14 16:20:51 UTC 2012:

I too have the FQDN error after trying to add just "www". So I'll make one for

My confusion is to whether I need a period at the end of the "" record if I have a period after the "" record.

Unless I missed something, the article doesn't really explain what the period does or is there for.

Jered commented Tue Sep 25 15:56:53 UTC 2012:

The period is usually a safe thing to put after a FQDN. That's what it usually means when setting up DNS records - "This period means the end of the name, don't put the domain name after this."

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Wypasiony katalog commented Tue May 07 01:19:27 UTC 2013:

I like reading through an article that can make people think. Also, thank you for allowing me to comment!

Wypasiony katalog commented Tue May 07 01:19:33 UTC 2013:

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