Slice Management

Managing your Slices is done via the SliceManager (could have guessed by the name I suppose).

This article will take you through the basic features available when administering your Slice(s).

Slice Panel

Log into the SliceManager at and you will see the default page which is the Slice Panel:

I've only got one Slice on this demo account, but if you have more, they will be listed in age order (oldest first).

Slice Summary

To manage the Slice, simply click on the Slice name. Then you will see a Slice summary and the tools available listed along the top:

Let's have a quick look at what's available.


A very useful tool to manage your Slice when SSH is not available, whether because you have misconfigured your SSH or iptables config files, or you simply do not have access to SSH.

To launch the ajax console, just click on the 'Launch web console' link:

A quick warning, you can only have one console open at a time:

You may well experience some latency issues so I wouldn't use the console on a daily basis, but for the odd emergency, it is ideal.


If you are interested in taking a snapshot of your Slice statistics, then this is the place to be.

Do be aware the stats will be reset after a reboot but they can be useful if you are monitoring general Slice usage:

To get a new snapshot, click 'Get New Statistics'.


Slices come with backups turned off by default:

Enabling them will pop up a warning as they are charged for.

Should you continue, you will have a chance to set the Daily Backup window (choose a time when your site is quiet) and a day for the weekly backups to take place.

You can also take a snapshot of your Slice at any time. Keep in mind you can only have one custom snapshot at a time, so a new one will overwrite the older one.

To begin with you will have no snapshots available but, as time goes by, the daily and weekly slot will be filled.

You can restore a backup at anytime by simply clicking 'restore'. This will destroy your current Slice and replace it with the snapshot!

You can, of course, turn off backups at any time.


As your accounts grows (?!) you may add more slices and want to rename them:

Renaming the Slice does not change the Slice hostname. To change the Slice hostname, you will need to do that by hand in the various hosts files, or rebuild the Slice using a new name.


Two types of reboot to choose from. Firstly is the 'Soft Reboot' which will gracefully shutdown the slice and start it backup again:

The 'Hard Reboot' should only be used if your Slice is not responding (from too many spawned processes for example). It is the equivalent of removing the power cord. It will immediately stop and then start up again.

Although your data should be safe, do use this with a little caution.


Although we are always told that size doesn't matter, there is the odd occasion when, in fact, it does.

No problem, you can resize your Slice at any time from here:

Of course, you are not restricted to increasing the size of your Slice, you can also resize to a smaller Slice if you find you do not need the extra capacity, etc.


Two things are available here. Firstly is the 'Rescue Mode' itself. Very useful for those who want to tinker a bit more and perhaps install another distribution or play with setting up LVM.

You can also access the file system when the Slice is turned off. For example, if your Slice was compromised then the Slice would be switched off until rebuilt, but you can have access to retrieve your important files.

The second, and very useful feature is the 'Reset Root Password' link.

Perhaps obviously, this will reset the root password. See this article for more details.


I know when I first got my Slice, I rebuilt it at least twice a day while I tried out various settings and configurations (either that or I was just plain incompetent!).

Either way, you can rebuild your Slice at any time and with a choice of distributions:

There are no restrictions or charges for this. Play, learn and grow,


I can't for the life of me think of any reason to delete a Slice but, hey, if you do need to delete one then it is very simple to do:

Do be careful as, although there is a warning pop up, this procedure is not reversible.


The Slicemanager is a powerful tool that enables detailed Slice administration to be a breeze.

Feel free to build, rebuild and test your Slice as often as you want.


Article Comments:

Svish commented Fri Jun 06 07:27:05 UTC 2008:

The screenshots of the different slice panels (or what to call them) doesnt load in Opera 9.27 at Windows XP Pro. All I get is a white frame. Works in firefox though...

Anyways, just thought I could let you know :)

Hendry Lee commented Fri Oct 17 15:45:09 UTC 2008:

No graphics like MRTG or rrdtools?

Jitendra commented Tue Oct 28 05:07:27 UTC 2008:

This is perfect guide for slice mangement. Add a few more screenshots.

Nuovo Labs - Florida commented Sat Dec 20 20:04:40 UTC 2008:

I don't care about graphics, but I do care about dependability. I don't know how these guys got to the top of but if that's how good they are, I'm in. I was about to sign up for a django container at Media Temple, but on that site they rank like #15 or something.

Zen Gardens commented Wed Dec 31 19:29:05 UTC 2008:

I kind of do care about graphics. I was a little turned off by the plain looking admin panel. After I got used to it though, it was really easy to use.

Merc Partners, NY commented Tue Mar 10 15:37:30 UTC 2009:

I love the slice manager. It's so much easier to use than Godaddy's.

gadgets commented Wed Apr 29 07:45:00 UTC 2009:

I'm a little disappointed that in order to resize a slice, the existing slice needs to go down for some (unknown) period of time. This would not be good for production sites that can't afford even a minute of downtime.

Wouldn't it be better to have some sort of data transfer to the new slice, then a quick restart of services on the new slice? I can probably stomach a few minutes of downtime.

chuck commented Sat Jun 20 22:38:39 UTC 2009:

Could someone post some screen shots of what the DNS menu looks like?

Bill S commented Tue Aug 11 23:54:38 UTC 2009:

What about stats programs like in cpanel usage thing of this nature?

I am considering your system I am currently using and their cpanel cost on $10.00 per month. Are you guy going to add this? No I am not advertising for them I am hoping for this. thank you

Tricky commented Tue Aug 25 19:02:20 UTC 2009:

Re deleting slices, a confirmation popup is, on its own, still a bad thing.

Give a 10-minute window within which we can undo the delete. :)

incolo real estate commented Fri Aug 28 23:28:35 UTC 2009:

@chuck all the pictures that you'll need for the DNS Admin are here:

Note: When you're resizing the host, if you don't hit confirm then you won't necessarily have the slice running. HIT CONFIRM and then deal with whatever later!

error 0x80070052 commented Tue Feb 23 01:16:10 UTC 2010:

Just found this. Love the guide...made it really easy with the screen shots!

Spunky Jones SEO commented Thu Mar 11 01:09:13 UTC 2010:

I like what you have to offer for VM servers. However, I prefer to use Plesk as my admin panel. Do you have any instructions of how to install Plesk on a VM server?

Jered commented Thu Mar 11 16:00:12 UTC 2010:

We don't have a Plesk article right now, I'm afraid, but we do have users running Plesk. You might check Plesk's site for documentation, and if you run into trouble ask for help in our forums.

Spunky Jones SEO commented Fri Mar 12 16:36:48 UTC 2010:

@ Jered,

Thanks for the information and I will checkout your forums for info about installing Plesk.

jignesh commented Tue May 18 19:48:32 UTC 2010:

Thanks for information...

I have read today... let me check it out...

Rani commented Wed Jun 02 05:56:44 UTC 2010:

Thanks for post...

snapshot give me clear idea of ur post...

keep posting...

skipease commented Thu Jun 24 11:15:46 UTC 2010:

I am sick of my shared hosting provider and found this on a Google search. I want to make the move to vps.

Greg Seo commented Wed Jul 14 21:29:48 UTC 2010:

For anyone looking I came across this website that gives a few vids about using plesk control panel.


Kumar commented Mon Aug 30 08:48:52 UTC 2010:

Content with pictures is really a nice idea. I like it. Thanks, keep posting.

E-Commerce Blogger commented Fri Sep 10 20:50:13 UTC 2010:

Very nice. I'm sick of godaddy hosting and ready to jump. I've been researching media temple and other VSPs but I've had 3 people recommend slicehost to me so far. Looking to sign up soon probably. Do you guys support PCI compliance for shopping carts and whatnot?

Jered commented Fri Sep 10 23:33:43 UTC 2010:

I believe PCI compliance is more about how your host handles its data (which is something we wouldn't control, since we're unmanaged hosting). I can't tell you for certain though. There is some discussion of PCI compliance in this thread on our forums, which could be worth checking out.

Julian commented Sat Sep 11 23:00:04 UTC 2010:

Just wanted to pop a note and say thanks guys. To anybody looking at Slice it is amazing. We've been running on it for almost a year now with no major issues. There was a downtime incident but barely noticeable.

Managing your slice is very simple and we've been able to expand easily as well.

geeknerd commented Thu Sep 23 17:33:38 UTC 2010:

@Jered PCI-DSS compliance has requirements on physical security of the servers that process, transmit or store card information. Slicehost would be considered a service provider for a merchant hosting a direct payment solution on slicehost's servers. In this case the merchant is required to get certification of the service provider's compliance from the service provider in order to be PCI-DSS compliant, even at PCI level 4 (self-reporting).

Eve commented Thu Apr 21 17:22:30 UTC 2011:

What about security, cronjobs, firewall, modsec? I guess users can install everything if they know what they are doing, if not, are they on their own?

ncheats.webnode.Com commented Tue Aug 26 13:04:29 UTC 2014:

Its not my first time to visit this site, i am browsing this web site dailly and obtain fastidious data from here all the time.

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