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Article Comments:

udo commented Sat May 09 09:41:34 UTC 2009:

Thanks for this good articles. They make it easy to use slicehost!

An article about setting up "Subversion and Apache" would be nice.



Michael Deering commented Tue May 12 08:01:46 UTC 2009:

I really like the nginx setup from the articles but when you install passenger for nginx is downloads and compiles from source throwing on off the location and configuration from the rest of the articles. I would love to see your take on how to best run the passenger/nginx setup.

Cheers, Mike D.

Macmoby commented Wed May 13 20:42:46 UTC 2009:

I have followed many of your articles and they are very precise and brief.

I have setup most of my slice using your inputs and they have all worked fine with optimum expectation. Thanks a bunch for that.

Although, your email setup on Slice covers almost everything that needs to be installed and configured, the one article that I think might be very helpful would be to include Squirrelmail.

That would provide the user to have a webbased email terminal, instead of using the Mail application from the shell prompt.

Just a suggestion.

Thanks for everything so far - macmoby

Neon commented Thu May 14 15:37:46 UTC 2009:

There don't seem to be any articles on how to setup an FTP server on the slice. Would be handy as I'm sure most people don't want to scp everything up from their desktop.

John commented Sat May 16 00:59:45 UTC 2009:

Hi, great set of tutorials, really makes getting going with Slicehost fun. I was wondering if there are plans to complete the email server series. Currently the latest article is: Mail Server - Adding domains and users to MySQL.

Thank you, John

Evan commented Wed May 20 15:23:20 UTC 2009:

Great tutorials! But when can we expect this continuation (PostgreSQL for Hardy Heron):

"In the next article, we'll configure our postgres server to allow less restricted local and remote connections."


Sofika commented Fri May 22 08:24:10 UTC 2009:

Great tutorials!Could you help me with some tutorial about installing and configuring my postfix email server on debian lenny with LDAP. tHANK YOU

Kyle Fox commented Sat May 23 18:34:04 UTC 2009:

I would love to see an article on really simple user management & permissions.

For example:

  • Giving a user access to their home directory only via SFTP
  • Allowing users to read/write ~/public and read-only ~/private

I have a few clients on the same server who would each like SFTP to their web folder, so an article like this would be really helpful.

I realize there are already general articles out there about chown/chmod, but it would be helpful to have them here (and assume the slice has been setup according to the other slicehost articles).

Z commented Tue May 26 00:42:41 UTC 2009:

It would be great to have an article that walks through using a SSL client certificate for securing admin areas of a rails/passenger app.

Jgo commented Mon Jun 01 06:36:09 UTC 2009:

I've been scouring the net for decent articles on implementing DKIM-filter, and haven't really come up with any. You could make it so much clearer, and really it's important to making sure mail gets to yahoo...

Robin commented Tue Jun 02 06:00:17 UTC 2009:

Wish to see Apache2 + Tomcat integration tutorial.

Also, setting up a CI server like Hudson configured with the above.

ragi commented Fri Jun 05 16:19:18 UTC 2009:

I am almost thru with setting up my own email server except that spam filter and antivirus are not set up... Will be great to have articles to do that... I will make the email server setup articles complete.

Ross commented Wed Jun 10 15:27:32 UTC 2009:

I'd like to see a MySQL performance tuning article, there are some out on the internet but I think having one in the articles section could help.

omer commented Wed Jun 17 11:04:01 UTC 2009:

a short brief on how to utilize SPF with slicehost's name servers?

perhaps a DKIM extension to article as well to complements slicehost's contribution to limiting spam !?

:) thanks.

Nate commented Fri Jun 19 05:26:38 UTC 2009:


I'm wondering if you could make an article on SFTP and/or FTP and limiting a user to a certain directory.. something like cpanel does. I'm having a problem with this, and it would be greatly appreciated!

thanks, Nate

HagarHorrible commented Fri Jun 19 07:19:36 UTC 2009:


First off, jet me thank you on the excellent article on installing Apache, it was really helpful. It would be most useful if you could do an article on installing OpenCA on CentOS (or whatever you feel is best), as this setup is a bit complicated and I can't seem to find a good guide anywhere.

Cheers, Dusan.

omer commented Sun Jun 21 02:09:29 UTC 2009:

any chance for tcpwrapper aware ssh how to so to be able to use tools to automatically add lines to hosts.deny ?

Andy commented Sun Jun 21 04:52:14 UTC 2009:

Hello, great articles! These are very helpful. I currently have a mail setup, but it's not mysql based. Is it possible to have an article on piping mail to scripts, like shell/perl/php?

Thanks, Andy

Stu commented Mon Jun 22 22:22:45 UTC 2009:

I'd love to see an example of configuring MySQL on one slice and having secure access across the backplane to a set of cloned Apache websever slices.

Not the whole setup necessarily but the single instance MySQL and the settings on that server and the webserver nodes to access it.

It'd sell some more slices too ;)

Pandian commented Tue Jun 23 10:47:27 UTC 2009:

I have setup our slice using all the above documents but i need a clearly explained openssl certificate authority using ubuntu hardy article for making a clear setup of openssl certificate.


Christophe commented Wed Jun 24 08:34:49 UTC 2009:


I have to create a subdomain in Linux hardy, but I didn't find any articles about this? Do you have these articles?


David commented Wed Jun 24 12:13:53 UTC 2009:

Wish to see Apache2 + Tomcat6 + Postgres8 integration tutorial.

Brian Getting commented Tue Jun 30 16:30:21 UTC 2009:

I'd like to see an article about installing Ruby Enterprise Edition and Passenger on a slice, with either Apache or Nginx.

Joseph Jarboe commented Thu Jul 02 15:49:15 UTC 2009:

I would like to see an article on setting up sendmail/dovecot for use with imap systems under Fedora 11

Patrick commented Fri Jul 03 03:57:15 UTC 2009:

I would like it if you went into more detail about upgrading the server down the line when there is an assortment of software installed on the slice. For sake of argument, there is nginx installed with django an email server and mysql.

When is it appropriate to use aptitude upgrade and when is it going to bring your system down to it's knees.

I am thinking of a more advanced best practices approach to keeping the software up to date.



Ryan Cross commented Tue Jul 07 22:38:30 UTC 2009:

It would be great to see an article about setting up webmin (or an article about why it may not be recommended)

Phillip Harrington commented Wed Jul 08 11:09:53 UTC 2009:

Can you create an article about setting the timezone on a server? I'm using Ubuntu Hardy.

Thanks for all the great setup tutorials. I could not have done it without them.

Bryan commented Sun Jul 19 12:26:22 UTC 2009:

I would love to see an article on how to compile PHP5 (from the source) for nginx.

Travis Black commented Mon Jul 20 21:04:44 UTC 2009:

I would like to see Symfony+Doctrine added to the Frameworks tutorials.

Luke commented Sat Jul 25 14:11:58 UTC 2009:

We want an article how to install Nginx, with PHP5 and MySQL support, thanks.

Steve commented Mon Jul 27 02:18:36 UTC 2009:

I'd like to see an article on how to setup page caching with nginx using the default Ubuntu layout. It would be even nicer to describe how to set it up with django and serving both dynamic and static (cached data)

Kirk commented Tue Jul 28 08:56:08 UTC 2009:

Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope updates.

Also, It's not your job to hand hold newbies, but it would be nice to have a step by step "best practices" guide for setting up a full fledged LAMP stack, email, firewall, etc. from scratch to get a basic, community, or media website up and running.

In other words the settings and procedures are already chosen and simply described step by step to the reader with explanations of other options if necessary.

Jason Luros commented Sun Aug 02 19:57:39 UTC 2009:

I'd like to see an article on ISPConfig. The ISPConfig "perfect server" are pretty good, but SliceHost-specific instructions would be nice. There could be one tree for people who want to follow your instructions to setup the server (very helpful, btw) using config files. However, the ISP Config tool is very robust.


Steve commented Mon Aug 03 03:28:22 UTC 2009:

I am looking for a guided tutorial on how to configure mysql to allow a remote host connection. I would like to administer my database with the tools I have on my local machine.


udo commented Fri Aug 07 21:55:50 UTC 2009:

A vsftp setup and configuration article would be nice.


Nate commented Tue Aug 11 12:40:58 UTC 2009:

I'd like to see an article how to setup Monit to monitor nginx and thin

Matt commented Fri Aug 14 13:56:25 UTC 2009:

It would be great to have something on vsftpd setup for hardy.

Hardik commented Mon Aug 17 08:35:59 UTC 2009:

This is a good article on Xen.

Please have a look.

Edward commented Fri Aug 21 02:50:18 UTC 2009:

Nginx + fastcgi + php would be a great tutorial with init.d scripts for fastcgi.

fartzilla commented Sat Aug 22 06:34:01 UTC 2009:

Lots of great articles here, but mostly about installations. Would love to see some articles about upgrading packages, particularly upgrading from MySQL 5.1 to 6.0 for example (which isn't available in universes for apt-get etc).

Satya P Pandey commented Tue Aug 25 12:46:53 UTC 2009:

Can Somebody, help me.. My ques.:how to serve multilple repositories with one svnserve deamon running on port 3690. I want to access two repositories using "svn://<ip>:port" and my system has only two repositories but only one svnserve deamon is runnig on 3690.How can I access both the repositories. Is this is feasible?

Tom commented Wed Sep 02 17:58:30 UTC 2009:

It would be great to have a guide on how to implement a DKIM-filter.

Thanks for your articles! Tom

Jouell commented Sat Sep 05 01:04:24 UTC 2009:

How about File Integrity Checkers on a slice host box?

Bill commented Tue Sep 08 02:50:38 UTC 2009:

I'd like to request an article on "chroot", particularly in regards to Apache.


Peter Westwood commented Wed Sep 09 14:11:00 UTC 2009:

It would be great to see an article on upgrading your slice from one debian release to another - for example going from etch to lenny

MattT commented Mon Sep 14 19:27:18 UTC 2009:

A nice rundown of apache WebDAV setup and basic authentication would be good. Maybe even touch on some security issues related to it.

Travis Johnson commented Mon Sep 14 19:44:42 UTC 2009:

PHPmyadmin installation article would be lovely!

Kishore commented Tue Sep 15 11:24:27 UTC 2009:

I would like to see the article for how to set the Website Redirection in Ubuntu Server...

Jon commented Wed Sep 16 02:54:27 UTC 2009:

I would like to see a Gentoo Security setup tutorial that covers some of the recommended security measures, hardening firewall, kernel, filesystems, encryption etc.

Manidip Sengupta commented Sat Sep 19 18:37:45 UTC 2009:

I would like to monitor the network bandwidth and diskspace I am using, so I can plan ahead on when to upgrade slices, etc. An article on related software and how to download, install and use it will be helpful. Thank you.

Francis commented Thu Sep 24 18:32:53 UTC 2009:

I'd love to see the sftp chroot article put back up.

tristan Brotherton commented Thu Oct 01 10:06:05 UTC 2009:

I thought an article on how to setup a Hardy Heron cluster with a dedicated PerlBal install as a loadbalancer might be good reading.

Daniel commented Thu Oct 01 18:14:58 UTC 2009:

A new set of Ubuntu Jaunty articles would be nice, even if the only thing updated is the name!

Jonny commented Fri Oct 16 06:20:17 UTC 2009:

Thanks for the awesome tutorial thus far, could you cover php-fpm installation for LEMP setups? Thanks!

Eric commented Mon Oct 19 08:57:03 UTC 2009:

Great Guide, but some maybe a bit different... I am trying to figure out more on the Virtualhost thing, but what I really would like to see is a guid for MySQL with Django / Python.. is there any?

Jason commented Tue Oct 20 22:57:41 UTC 2009:

I could really use a tutorial on setting up nginx with ssl as a proxy to apache/wsgi, I've been screwing around with this for 3 days.

Svetlana commented Sun Nov 08 06:42:26 UTC 2009:

An article about setting up "SSL and Nginx" would be nice. Thanks a lot for the good articels

Alen Mistric commented Wed Nov 11 11:39:02 UTC 2009:

I would be very grateful if you guys could make a tutorial on how to setup a simple mail server for RHEL. Of course I mean setting up POP3 and SMTP also.

C commented Fri Nov 13 00:25:09 UTC 2009:

Spam Assassin and Awstats Installs

Donald commented Sat Nov 14 20:53:43 UTC 2009:

this article with ldirectord


Curt commented Sun Nov 15 18:35:32 UTC 2009:

Your tutorials are wonderful! The two things that I need most on my Slice are Awstats and SpamAssassin. Since I am newbie, I have had no success installing and configuring. It would be great if you wrote an article covering at least one of these.

Magnus commented Wed Nov 18 16:56:43 UTC 2009:

Fantastic articles. Articles on PhpMyAdmin would be very much appreciated. Especially around the file and security options.


Chris commented Sat Nov 21 08:50:08 UTC 2009:

An install and how to configure hiawatha-webserver would be nice.

Dominik commented Tue Nov 24 07:27:35 UTC 2009:

continue this article and their series of articles

Ram commented Sat Nov 28 15:35:16 UTC 2009:

Would be great to have an article on the best approach to use PHP with Apache 2.2 - whether prefork, worker mpm or fastcgi

Art commented Thu Dec 03 07:00:57 UTC 2009:

Would love to have an article on how to use iptables on ubuntu.

Nick commented Sun Dec 06 16:09:26 UTC 2009:

It'd be very helpful to have an article on installing Ruby 1.9.1 for Ubuntu 9.10, where it is included in the aptitude sources. I tried this on my own but had lots of problems with load paths, especially in regards to RubyGems (which is included in 1.9.1).

Admin commented Tue Dec 08 23:12:10 UTC 2009:

Managing security updates

JGarrido commented Wed Dec 09 00:22:41 UTC 2009:

I'd like to add to the list of requests for the continuation of the email server tutorials.

Jim Intriglia commented Wed Dec 09 13:07:01 UTC 2009:

Thanks for the great articles and tutorials; they were very helpful in enabling me to setup Atlassisan's JIRA on a 512MB VSP slice.

As others are running Atlassian's JIRA issue management software on a slice, and more are sure to follow, I would like to see an artical/tutorial on tuning JIRA's performance, once it is installed on a slice.

Since JIRA is used most often by developers to track software defects and feature requests, I believe this kind of an article would be a welcome addition by the developer community.

I've created a reference guide to help developers install JIRA on a Slicehost slice:

It would be great if you could follow this up with a JIRA performance tuning tutorial, especially in the area of Tomcat and Java JVM tuning.

More info on Atlassian JIRA here:

Many thanks.

Barry commented Fri Dec 18 19:00:49 UTC 2009:

I think it would be extremely valuable for everyone if you had a tutorial on alert monitoring / resource tracking.

Since Slicehost basically makes server admins out of all of us some tools to proactively let us know if something isn't working properly, a site has gone done, or we might need to upgrade our slice capacity.

Alex Lerman commented Fri Dec 18 19:04:27 UTC 2009:

I'd love a tutorial on using s3 or rackspace cloudfiles with a slice.

In an ideal world, it would just be mounted like any other storage device.

globaldrifter commented Mon Dec 21 17:41:02 UTC 2009:

Would like to see a quick walk-through of best server setup for Drupal, including OS, Apache, MySQL, and PHP.

Sam commented Sun Jan 03 08:28:13 UTC 2010:

A vsftpd article would be pleasant.

Filipe commented Mon Jan 04 12:20:29 UTC 2010:

cron jobs

Phillip Tarmac commented Tue Jan 12 06:47:35 UTC 2010:

How about an article on how to set up a VPN?

John Stoker commented Thu Jan 14 18:24:04 UTC 2010:

Seconding Peter Westwood's post - I'd like to see a guide on upgrading from etch to lenny.

luc commented Fri Jan 15 06:53:23 UTC 2010:

Thanks for all the great articles. Here's my request list.

A load balancing with multiple slices series for nginx/passenger and/or apache/passenger and mysql (master/slave) article would be great :-)


ryan commented Mon Jan 25 05:29:24 UTC 2010:

PickledOnion, I would love to see you do an article on setting up asterisk 1.4 with freepbx on ubnutu. there are a lot of things like trixbox and pbx in a flash that are meant to "just install an ISO and you're done" (and they are all for CentOS) but I would love to put it on a slice with ubuntu so I can hack around with it.

thanks, Ryan

Greg commented Sun Feb 07 19:40:05 UTC 2010:

Thanks for the great support articles. I would love to see something on setting up user authentication in Apache server configuration files. For example, how to require password access to the entire domain, how to exclude certain directories, etc.

David commented Thu Feb 11 00:17:03 UTC 2010:

could you please update the PHP install/config for configuring fastCGI

Cameron Smith commented Mon Feb 15 15:50:07 UTC 2010:


An article on live video streaming would be great. So far I see that adobe software does this type of thing I was hoping that the is something for Linux thats free.

Thanks for your time. The articles are great.


CC commented Sun Feb 28 20:34:36 UTC 2010:

Great Articles. It would be nice to see something on one of the monitoring tools like munin or cacti.

Barry commented Tue Mar 02 21:35:29 UTC 2010:

After dealing with a minor attack today that was hitting a bunch of random, not-present addresses on one of my sites from a pair of IP article on configuring fail2ban to handle something like that would be really helpful.

Steven Tan commented Mon Mar 08 09:38:34 UTC 2010:

Well. Need one article on how to make SVN repository as project's or domain's root folder.

Phillip Harrington commented Fri Mar 12 14:55:06 UTC 2010:

I'd be interested in learning about rolling logs (I believe Ubuntu does this already?), archiving logs, and installation and usage of 1 or more log parsing software packages. Thank you in advance.

Dave commented Sat Mar 13 23:20:29 UTC 2010:

I'd be interesting in seeing a checklist for preparing a slice for production use.

  • Securing the server (which some of your articles already cover)
  • Securing apache, php, mysql, mail, other popular services
  • Securing file permissions and users

malcolm davis commented Tue Mar 16 04:04:56 UTC 2010:

Integration of Lighttpd and Tomcat.

Would like to use Lighttpd as a proxy to Tomcat.

Don't want to expose Tomcat at 8080.

Ben McRae commented Tue Mar 23 00:28:04 UTC 2010:

MySQL replication would be a good one to add!

Eric M. Smith commented Tue Mar 23 22:44:23 UTC 2010:

h1. Articles Menu Is Out Of Date It would be very helpful if you could update your menu to list all of the main categories for your articles. Articles like the ones detailing Git Repositories are notoriously hard to find using the current menu.

h1. Searchable Index It would be of immense help for you to provide a search feature in the common header for your articles so a user can do a text search of the articles for what they need.

Matt LeBrun commented Thu Mar 25 03:12:48 UTC 2010:

Clean URL's tutorial for Drupal. been stuck on it for ages.

Julio commented Mon Mar 29 02:12:36 UTC 2010:

An article on mod_security and otherwise securing against script kiddies/sql injection etc. would be a great complement to the security articles that have come out recently.

Mark Jones commented Wed Mar 31 20:51:12 UTC 2010:

best setup instructions for MongoDB on an ubuntu slice?

Rich Breton commented Tue Apr 06 21:38:17 UTC 2010:

php-fpm w/ nginx on centos would be really awesome

Ryan commented Sat Apr 10 17:30:06 UTC 2010:

The articles so far are great. I would like to see an article on awstats configured for apache vhosting on debian and using cron to update. Thanks.

Rob commented Wed Apr 14 18:22:36 UTC 2010:

Not a request for a new article, but it would be great if the headings in the articles had id attributes for easier linking. Something like:

Additionally more navigation links would be helpful. If nothing else a link to the Articles Sitemap on each page would greatly assist me in browsing.

b!ng commented Tue Apr 27 13:46:29 UTC 2010:

Phillip Tarmac How about an article on how to set up a VPN?


emailer commented Thu Apr 29 20:30:02 UTC 2010:

PickledOnion, I would love to see you do an article on setting up ipchange. as you know to send mass emails we should change the Ips

Thank you a lot

russell Roberts commented Fri May 07 22:46:30 UTC 2010:

How about an article on Ubuntu nginx passenger & ruby enterprise. Great I have been told for the small slicers.

David commented Sat May 15 16:44:02 UTC 2010:

nginx and PHP with fastcgi please make an article

C commented Sat May 15 22:45:21 UTC 2010:

I'd like to see an article on chroot'ing users into their home directory for SSH access (ideally for Ubuntu)

chris commented Sat May 22 06:56:56 UTC 2010:

one one would be cool.

Bruce commented Fri Jun 04 20:45:29 UTC 2010:

I would love to see an article on how to install and configure SSL with Apache. There are very few good articles on that.

With that said, your articles are among the best I have seen!

Andy commented Mon Jun 07 06:27:23 UTC 2010:

I would like to learn more about general slice maintenance and best practices, E.g. updates, log rotation, monitoring, etc.

An explanation of why certain maintenance tasks are a good idea as well as how to execute them would be great.

V.Balaviswanathan commented Sat Jun 12 09:59:35 UTC 2010:

Hi. Thanks a lot a for giving an information about this. I would suggest you for publishing an article on howoto's for *BSD variants and Darwin if you can please..

Dee commented Mon Jun 14 22:15:43 UTC 2010:

+1 for a how-to on setting up SVN.

Ganesh commented Mon Jul 12 08:44:47 UTC 2010:

I'd like to see the article on how to deploy the rails application in a new slice

Ettore commented Thu Jul 22 19:37:56 UTC 2010:

I'd like to see an article about Yaws / Erlang configuration, deployment, log rotation and maintenance in general.

Thanks for all the wonderful guides here!

Ike commented Mon Jul 26 17:20:06 UTC 2010:

Pros and cons of mod_security for ubuntu 10. Should we use this to secure the web application from spam requests, other alternatives to reduce these spam based request. Generally anything to stop/drop the spam requests either at the firewall or web server/apache level. Thanks for all your great articles, since I am a web developer and not too familiar with system setup, I'd be lost without these.

christian commented Thu Aug 05 04:51:25 UTC 2010:

Lighttpd + MySQL + PHP

mark commented Tue Aug 10 02:09:18 UTC 2010:

An article about magento setup on ubuntu will be great. It will help to have all the performance suggestions, php-apc, mysql query cache, apache keep-alive, fcgi, tmpfs...

Instructions how to use nginx with php-pfm instead of apache will be even more helpful because it's impossible to find instructions.

Cameron Smith commented Mon Aug 16 16:49:39 UTC 2010:

An article on how to load balance your servers with regards to handling a webserver / database. I know you did a heartbeat article which was great but if you could do an article(s) on doing this for your whole system.

Thanks keep up the good work!

Arash commented Sun Aug 22 18:56:27 UTC 2010:


I love the tutorials you guys use. My only concern/issue I had is that I, like many other people I assume, do not remember which codename correlates to which version of Ubuntu. (ie 10.04 is Lucid Lynx).

It would be nice if you used the Ubuntu numeric version numbers as well as I, and I assume many, find them more easy to remember. I have to always search to see what numeric version correlates to which name.

But that's all. The rest of your tutorials is great!

John commented Thu Aug 26 03:47:31 UTC 2010:

It would be very helpful if there were some articles on how to update phpmyadmin to the latest version on different distros, especially with the recent security patches released.

Thushan Amarasiriwardena commented Wed Sep 01 13:11:31 UTC 2010:

Why not just integrate the articles sitemap page on to and keep everything in one place?

vinoth commented Thu Sep 02 10:35:29 UTC 2010:

I would like to get article to configure Ruby on Rails with Apache2 server.

Cameron commented Fri Sep 03 17:35:26 UTC 2010:

logwatch please

Paul baier commented Tue Sep 14 20:09:47 UTC 2010:

how about article/white paper on security overview of Slicehost? we use your system to host our SaaS offering and our customers as asking us questions like the following:

  1. Is Slicehost SAS 70 certified?
  2. How does slicehost monitor sites for viruses, malware, etc.?
  3. What type of training does SliceHost have hosting personnel?
  4. What type of security testing does SliceHost do? When was last date of the incident response capability?
  5. What are basic tools for security (firewall, IDS, etc.) used by Slicehost?

Andre commented Sat Oct 16 01:18:34 UTC 2010:

It would be nice to have an article about setting up NGINX + Caching + PHP-FPM/FastCGI

anjan bacchu commented Wed Oct 27 04:33:18 UTC 2010:

hi there,

thanks for sharing this with us. has the following line "Our Slice tutorials and articles take you from VPS basics though to setting up"

should be "Our Slice tutorials and articles take you from VPS basics through to setting up"

thanks and sorry for nitpicking.

marek commented Fri Nov 12 14:35:39 UTC 2010:


thanks for great articles.

I'd like to see how to setup rails3 + nginx + mongrel stack on latest ubuntu.


Mike commented Sat Nov 27 20:45:48 UTC 2010:

I would appreciate an article on how to set up webmail to work with your guide on postfix/courier/mysql. I like RoundCube but Squirrelmail or Horde would be fine too. Thanks for the guides, they are great!

Thomas commented Mon Nov 29 21:06:03 UTC 2010:

A how to on setting up a nagios server and nagios clients would be really helpful.

Sridhar Pandurangiah commented Tue Dec 07 09:11:04 UTC 2010:

Followed the articles and setup my first slice, installed Apache and PHP5. Then installed Drupal but navigating to the site still shows apache's default page.

Usually once Drupal is installed the Drupal page should appear since the htaccess file of Drupal takes precedence but then I have AccessFileName .htaccess in my apache2.cong while drupal's config file is htaccess (without the dot). Still struggling to display the drupal home page. While I try to find a way maybe you can consider an article on installing Drupal on the Slice.

Thanks in advance.

Jered commented Wed Dec 08 15:43:49 UTC 2010:

Drupal is certainly on my list. You can usually find some help in our forums with an issue like that if there isn't an article. In this case, you might try copying that "htaccess" file to ".htaccess" in the root of the drupal directory. I'd also usually recommend giving drupal its own virtual host and setting it up accordingly.

Chris commented Thu Jan 06 14:59:11 UTC 2011:

I would like to see a complete guide to installing the latest nginx on Ubuntu 10.10 with php/fastcgi, mysql and ssmtp.

BK commented Fri Jan 07 18:30:56 UTC 2011:

Guide to Magento installation and setup on Ubuntu, including configuring SMTP on the slice or using GoogleApps to route mail.

anttir commented Sun Jan 16 13:21:02 UTC 2011:

First I have to thank you for the site, it rocks!

1) Here is a nice add for ssh security to add to iptables config of yours: 2) Nginx + Jetty setup would be great. Jetty is a great jsp container, but installation instructions around the net is lacking, this demonstrates it best: 3) Could you remove the comments on this page which are not relevant anymore, the page has grown looong.

Éber Freitas Dias commented Tue Jan 18 21:00:18 UTC 2011:

I would love to see some article about UFW for firewall configuration instead of iptables directly.

Chris commented Tue Jan 25 13:27:04 UTC 2011:

I would love to know how to use google apps mail for multiple domains. Currently, I can only send email from one domain even though I have several that are set up with google apps accounts. I use SSMTP but I think there is a way to use Postfix to do this. Anyway, I'd love to see tutorial on this. Thanks.

Grayson Scherer commented Tue Feb 01 04:51:19 UTC 2011:

I would really love to see an article on using Nginx with uwsgi to run Django. Bonus points for how to manage uwsgi with daemontools.

Abhishek Nagar commented Thu Feb 03 04:18:32 UTC 2011:

An Article on Performance Tuning of Apache would be great.

Humza Bobat commented Sat Feb 19 21:06:32 UTC 2011:

I would really want a CentOS 5.5 FTP server tutorial, preferably proftpd.

Julián Landerreche commented Wed Mar 16 16:43:12 UTC 2011:

Not an article request, but a feature request for Slicehost articles archive: to be able to sort them by published date, as I would really like to be able to see which are the latest articles published here.

Also, a report: there is a broken link here: The link for "Configuring MySQL Server on Ubuntu" is returing 404. The correct link should point here:

Scott Johnson commented Thu Mar 17 15:05:53 UTC 2011:

How about an article on installing and configuring phpMyAdmin?

Matt commented Mon Mar 21 19:30:19 UTC 2011:

I followed the PickledOnion Ubuntu Email article series with Postfix+MySQL+Courier+etc - VERY HELPFUL series. I'd love to see some info extending this with a "vacation" message for these "vmail" users. Thanks for a great resource!

Hamza. commented Thu Mar 24 17:36:41 UTC 2011:


I realy like your tutorials. And like toread your thougts about fail2ban on centos, including trapping several commonly used daemons, such as proftp and postfix etc.

Kailash Dagha commented Thu Mar 31 14:04:53 UTC 2011:

Hi Dear

Please sent me the ebook on email server and web server i wanna create a web server and email server for my office


sunil commented Tue Apr 12 11:29:26 UTC 2011:

can you pls add an article on postfix and sendmail as relay server with authentication(cyrus users Db) in details

Keith commented Tue May 03 17:20:56 UTC 2011:

Hi. I am not a customer of SliceHost itself, however I have read many articles of yours and ddespite things being somewhat (but only a little bit) different with the Xen VPS I chose to go with, youa rticles have giiven me newer perspectives as a totally blind Linux user. Yes, I'm totally blind, and can type just as well as anyone sighted can. :) But I was thinknig that maybe you could put some articles together about not only WordPress, but also Drupal,7 (to reflect the up-to-date stuff abotu Drupal) and such? Would be nice to see that in general. Please keep up the good work.

Matt commented Fri May 06 02:11:17 UTC 2011:

Any chance of an downloadable article dump before the rackspace gobble-up? It would be a crying shame to see these go to waste.


nic commented Wed May 11 03:01:25 UTC 2011:

Wish to see article on Apache2+mod_jk+Tomcat6+postgresql9 Cheers

Rajive commented Tue Jun 21 15:15:06 UTC 2011:

Would it be possible to get an eBook that continues from your eBook setting up the account to starting from scratch on installing MySQL, Ruby, RubyGems, Rails 2.x onwards, SVN, Capistrano, Passenger and Apache to get a complete working stack for Rails apps ?

Thank you.

Nagaraj commented Tue Jun 28 12:20:32 UTC 2011:

Hello, can you please add an article on combining two rails applications.

John commented Wed Aug 03 21:27:28 UTC 2011:

Could an article be added describing how to install Java and Apache Tomcat? And then an article on how to configure tomcat?

Paul commented Sat Aug 13 23:13:56 UTC 2011:

An article about using Git and Gitolite would be great.

John commented Thu Aug 18 08:45:13 UTC 2011:

In your email overview you said you'd document anti-virus / anti-spam:

However there are no instructions for this on the list:

Seems to be incomplete.

Mike Norman commented Mon Sep 12 03:40:24 UTC 2011:

Going through the postgresql + rails stuff on Lucid, I find that something has changed.

"require 'postgres'" fails with "LoadError: no such file to load -- postgres".

You've got MySql for Lucid, but no postgres.



Jamal Khan commented Sun Feb 19 08:05:46 UTC 2012:

Hi There! I request you to please write an article on how to access any web project written in php through your local network on another pc. I have been trying to access a web project on a web server which is running apache on a local network but couldn't solve the problem. Plz help!

bob commented Tue Mar 06 06:23:19 UTC 2012:

How about an article on nginx and mono for MVC 3?

Melz commented Thu Jul 19 19:16:17 UTC 2012:


It would be awesome if you could update the article on installation of Lucid on a slice, to version 11.10 or 12.04 of Ubuntu.


Justin Raja Kumar commented Wed Feb 06 12:32:42 UTC 2013:

An article about using Git and Gitolite would be great.

Regards, Justin

Scott commented Tue Feb 19 15:53:04 UTC 2013:

this article is good for someone whos a developer but now someone came up with a software its called so no need for adobe or other software out there expensive to buy. you should write an article about them. I do it myself and just add the optout and I m good to go. I worked with odesk and elance and hired html email coders but now since I found this tools I cant say how great full and stress free I m.

Elmo commented Mon Jul 08 09:18:26 UTC 2013:

I seldom leave a response, but i did a few searching and wound up here Slicehost Articles: Click to add a request. And I do have some questions for you if it's allright. Could it be just me or does it give the impression like some of the remarks come across as if they are coming from brain dead folks? :-P And, if you are writing at additional sites, I'd like to keep up with everything fresh you have to post. Would you make a list of the complete urls of all your shared pages like your twitter feed, Facebook page or linkedin profile?

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Portal Gier commented Fri Aug 02 11:19:16 UTC 2013:

I get pleasure from, result in I found just what I used to be having a look for. You have ended my 4 day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye

Portal Gier commented Fri Aug 02 11:19:43 UTC 2013:

I get pleasure from, result in I found just what I used to be having a look for. You have ended my 4 day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye

Portal Gier commented Fri Aug 02 11:20:05 UTC 2013:

I get pleasure from, result in I found just what I used to be having a look for. You have ended my 4 day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye

Portal Gier commented Fri Aug 02 11:20:12 UTC 2013:

I get pleasure from, result in I found just what I used to be having a look for. You have ended my 4 day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye

Anu Kumar commented Thu Aug 14 09:53:43 UTC 2014:


you are doing a great job. Thanks man. I have just installed a bugzilla on my linux system using Apache sever. I enabled server_status using your great article. But problem is, I am able to access this server at my local system using browser. But I am not able to access it from my LAN. This private IP is pining from all LAN connected systems.

Can you suggest me, how to debug it.

Thanks Again.

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