Capistrano series - Nginx vhosts, rails and mongrels

One of the last things we need to do on the Slice is setup Ruby on Rails and install the mongrel application server which Nginx will proxy requests to.

Easily done. We'll even look at setting up a vhost to test the setup before moving onto the Capistrano install.

Short (but sweet)

This article will be very short and will simply link to the main Nginx vhost, rails and mongrels article:

Nginx vhost, rails and mongrels

It's important you follow the article as it lays the foundation for serving the Rails application once we use Capistrano to deploy it.


See, told you it would be short.

Once done, the Slice is pretty much ready for our Capistrano deployment.

As such, the next article will concentrate on the local setup and Capistrano.

Remember that you do not install Capistrano on your Slice - it is installed on your local workstation where the development of your application takes place.


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