Capistrano Series - Installing Apache with Passenger (mod_rails) Support

One of the last things that we need to do is install Apache as our webserver, with Rails support via Passenger (mod_rails).

Passenger is an exciting development in Rails deployment, as it allows us to use a single webserver without the need to configure proxies. It supports both Apache and Nginx — for these articles we will be using Apache.

Short (but sweet)

This article will be very short, as it simply links to the main Apache and Passenger articles:

Apache Installation

Passenger Installation

It's important to follow those articles closely, as they lay the foundation for serving the Rails application once we deploy it with Capistrano.


See, told you it would be short.

Once we've installed Apache and Passenger, the Slice is pretty much ready for our Capistrano deployment.

The next article will concentrate on our local setup and Capistrano.

Remember that Capistrano is not installed on our Slice — it's installed on our local computer, where the Rails application development takes place.

Ben B.

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Soumya commented Sat Nov 07 10:13:21 UTC 2009:

could i know the link to the next article that shows how to set up capistrano with passenger?

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