Rackspace Email & Apps - Initial Signup Process

Email is a vital part of any online business. However, a mail server can be one of the most challenging and frustrating aspects to configure.

We are pleased to announce that we have simplified the process by introducing Rackspace Email and Apps for Slicehost customers.

This article will walk you through the basic steps of the signup process to ensure that adding email to your slice is as smooth as possible.

Rackspace Email

Rackspace email allows you to easily setup and configure mailboxes for your domains with added spam and virus protection. The service is also compatible with common applications and devices.

To learn more about this service, please visit the Rackspace Email and Apps Home Page.

Slicehost can provide its customers with discounted pricing for this service: you get 3 mailboxes at a cost of USD $3.00 per month, and you can add any number of mailboxes to your account, at $1 per mailbox.

To qualify for the the discount, use the promo code supplied in the SliceManager.

Note that this discount applies only to Rackspace Email. It does not apply to their Microsoft Exchange service.


This article assumes that you have already purchased a domain from a registrar and are now ready to setup email for this domain.

Initial Signup

The first step of the process is to navigate to the sign up page.

From here, you would select the "Email" checkbox. You're then given the chance to enter the number of mailboxes you want to sign up for.

Three Mailboxes

Oh. Well, this just means we have to lie to the sign-up form if we want fewer than 5 mailboxes.

Five Mailboxes

And now you'll see a projected charge of $10 per month for 5 mailboxes over on the right. Well, you haven't entered the promo code yet, so this is to be expected.

Go ahead and click "Next Step" to move on to the meat of the ordering process.

Domain & Billing

On the page provided, you want to enter your domain name and select the "I own this domain" option.



You would then fill out the Account, Contact, and Billing Information using your personal information.

Hold on. Don't click the Next Step yet, as this is where the promotional code comes into play.

Promo Code

To locate the promotional code for your account, you would need to access the SliceManager.

Upon logging into the SliceManager, you would look to the left hand side of the screen where the promotional code for your account would be visible.

You need to enter this code in the Sales ID box on the Domain & Billing signup page that you just filled out.

Sales ID

All right, you are ready to move on to the next step: reviewing the information you've already provided.


Under the Mailbox Summary, you will notice that it lists the total amount of mailboxes purchased as 5 and the price is still reflected as a $10 monthly total. It turns out the promo code isn't automatically applied at signup, but it will be applied to the account before the trial period ends, honest.

After the 14-day trial the amount charged to your card will only be $1 per mailbox, and you'll be charged for each box you actually have configured (with a minimum of three). That means if you have only 3 mailboxes set up in the control panel, the monthly charge will be 3 dollars.

After confirming the details on this page, click the Purchase button to finalize your order.


After submitting your purchase order, you'll receive an email from the Rackspace Email & Apps team confirming the order and your login ID.

NOTE: You can confirm your order details by calling Rackspace Email & Apps directly (866-392-3336) or via live chat with their support team.


As you can see the signup process is fairly simple.

You can now move onto creating the necessary MX records for your domain(s).

Article Comments:

matiu commented Thu May 20 22:30:48 UTC 2010:

The sign up process has changed a bit .. with your promotion code, you're still paying $1 per box .. and I'm pretty sure that you still have a minimum of 3 boxes, once you're in the system, even though you have to choose a minimum of 5 in the sign up process.

Dony commented Mon Apr 18 11:47:16 UTC 2011:


Glynn Howell-Jackson commented Mon Jun 24 10:34:35 UTC 2013:

Hi, I am struggling to find out who is responsible the aviationbeauport.com MX Record We thought it was NetBenefit but apparently not. They say it is with slicehost. How can I get access to the record as we need to change asap because we have transitioned the mail service. Thanks, Glynn

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