Capistrano series - Setting up your Slice

So, following from the introduction, you have a new Ubuntu Hardy Slice and want to follow the mini series to a fully functional Capistrano, git and Ruby on Rails stack.

Well, the first thing you need to do is add a new user (you never normally log in as root) and secure the Slice. Then you need to update to the latest packages and install some basic work tools.

Sounds familiar

Indeed, the articles for the setup already exist in the Ubuntu Hardy section of the articles site.

However, this series is aimed at providing articles in a set order for a common end goal.

Let's go

There are two articles for the base setup of your Slice.

The first one takes you through logging in and creating an administrative user with 'sudo' privileges.

Once done, we'll install an SSH key so we don't have to worry about passwords when we a) log into the Slice and b) use Capistrano to deploy our application.

Nice. Then we'll put up a basic iptables firewall and test it all by logging in as the new user.

Ubuntu Hardy setup - part 1

There's more

Now we've done that and are safely logged in as the main Slice user, there is never a need to log in as root.

Let's carry on and update the Slice to ensure we have all the latest security patches.

Once done, We can pimp the terminal (well, add a bit of colour anyway) and install some essential work packages.

Ubuntu Hardy setup - part 2


The first time you do this, it may take some time (even a few hours and a few reinstalls) but, hopefully, you will be getting used to the command line and seeing that not only is it very powerful, but it is actually pretty easy to use.

Now we can move on and start to setup git so we can add version control to our project.

Ben B.

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