Barebones postfix install overview

This article describes how to install a postfix mail server with no extras or optimization. It's intended only for users who are experienced administrators or who just want a basic mail server installed for a single purpose like sending email alerts from another service.

Why "barebones"?

A barebones article is intended for users who just want to get a software package up and running with the default options and no frills. It's best used by either experienced Linux administrators or users needing to get a package installed to satisfy a prerequisite without going through extensive customization. Most users are advised to use the more in-depth tutorials found elsewhere in the Slicehost articles repository so they can better learn the software they are implementing.

For a more comprehensive survey of this topic, check the links in the "Further reading" section at the end of the article.


The barebones apache installation articles cover the following topics:

    - Installing postfix
    - Adding iptables rules for postfix (optional)
    - Starting and stopping postfix
    - Starting postfix at boot time
    - Log files
    - Configuration files
    - DNS modifications
    - The Spamhaus policy block list

Distribution links

To access the barebones postfix install article that corresponds to the Linux distribution running on your slice, click the appropriate link below:

Ubuntu:  Barebones postfix install for Ubuntu

Debian:  Barebones postfix install for Debian

CentOS:  Barebones postfix install for CentOS

Fedora:  Barebones postfix install for Fedora

Red Hat Enterprise Linux:  Barebones postfix install for RHEL

Further reading

For more in-depth tutorials on postfix and on accessing email postfix receives, you should visit Slicehost's Email article repository.

The postfix web site includes links to the postfix documentation as well as mailing lists and external resources.

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