Installing apache

Learn how to install apache and configure it to fit your needs.

What is apache?

The apache web server is an open source web server that is popular for its stability and versatility. There are other web servers that focus on being better at certain tasks (like serving static pages), but apache's strength is that it can be tailored to almost any need. It doesn't hurt that it's also a thoroughly-documented web server. You can find help with apache on a multitude of web sites and forums.


This tutorial on installing and configuring apache consists of eight articles total, their topics covering in turn:

• Installing apache

• Installing PHP

• Apache configuration files

• Configuring the Apache MPM

• Apache configuration part 1

• Apache configuration part 2

• Apache Virtual Hosts part 1

• Apache Virtual Hosts part 2

Distribution links

To access the initial apache installation article and follow the series from there (there are eight total, so you're warned), follow the link for your distribution:

Ubuntu:  Installing apache on Ubuntu

Debian:  Installing apache on Debian

CentOS:  Installing apache on CentOS

Fedora:  Installing apache on Fedora

Red Hat Enterprise Linux:  Installing apache on RHEL

Arch:  Installing apache on Arch

Gentoo:  Installing apache on Gentoo

Further reading

For more information about the apache web server and its configuration options, visit their documentation site.

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Thanks! I've been thinking about moving my site from a host to my own server to save some money. Since I only have a few visitors there's not really a point to pay for bandwidth I'm never going to use. Once again, thanks.

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