Article Requests


The aim of the articles site is to guide both newcomers and more experienced sysadmins in installing and configuring their Slice(s).

We'll try to cover the most popular requests but please be aware that not everything will be covered in these articles.

As the article site grows in size you may find some of the packages mentioned are not the latest releases. We always encourage you to search the main websites for the latest releases - a good example is using Ruby on Rails: often a gem is updated on a regular basis and I may refer to an older version.

Upcoming articles

  • We are looking into improving article navigation, searches, and other site concerns.

  • Article topics currently being worked on:

  • * Basics of updating and securing the Slice

    * Munin plug-in configuration

    * Updated distribution setup articles

    * Several security articles

    * Cron and scheduling

    * Point to point with OpenVPN

    * Uncomplicated Firewall

    * Using the SliceManager console

    * WordPress Installation

More will be added as requests come in.


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