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Automate File Transfer with WinSCP

In our first WinSCP article we installed WinSCP and explored some of its basic features . In this article we'll explore some advanced features of WinSCP including automated file transfers and synchronization.

Backing up and saving your Slice and important configurations is top of the list in importance.

These articles will take you through the basics and introduce many different methods you can use to backup databases, websites, folders and files.


Tar and untar: Introducing compressing and uncompressing files and folders using the command line into, and from, different formats.

Tar and untar - part deux: Add and extract files and folders from existing tar archives without uncompressing them first and other advanced techniques.

Backing up your files with rsync: Backing up your files need not be a chore and take a long time. Use rsync to save incremental backups.

Excluding files from rsync: Excluding particular files and folders from a backup would be handy. No problem with rsync and the '--exclude' option.

Automating a daily rsync backup: Now we have the basics of rsync sorted out, let's automate the procedure so we know we have a daily backup.

Windows Specific

Automate file transfers with WinSCP: Now we know how to transfer files from our Windows workstation to our Slice, let's see how we can automate the process.

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