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ebook - Slicehost account creation and login

When you create a Slicehost account your Slice is built straight away and you can log into the SliceManager using various methods.

Download the ebook to see how easy and flexible the account creation and login process is.

We are very pleased to be able to offer SliceManager ebooks that you are free to download and read at your own speed and convenience.

As and when additional SliceManager features are completed, we will ensure the changes are reflected in the latest ebook versions.

SliceManager ebooks

Slicehost account creation and login: Creating a Slicehost account and and logging into the SliceManager is an easy and flexible process. Download the ebook for a close look.

Slicehost account management: Your Slicehost account has many configurable options - add more users, set email for login, backup and billing, enable API access, security options and more.

DNS administration: Using the SliceManager DNS panel allows for powerful management of your domains' DNS records. Learn how to add zones and records in this easy to follow ebook.

Slice administration: The SliceManager allows for powerful administration of your Slice(s) - learn how to administer your Slice with this ebook.

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