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Slicehost Maintenance and Upgrades FAQ

As part of our ongoing effort to provide you with the best Slicehost service possible, we routinely perform maintenance and upgrades of our underlying systems.  The majority of these are performed non-disruptively, however maintenances sometimes arise that impact customer slices.

The Slicehost Management Panel allows for extensive account manipulation: Add, delete or upgrade Slices or even reinstall it with a different OS.

Enable backups, restore a snapshot, reset your Slice password, reboot or enter rescue mode. Control your domain's DNS records with ease and set the reverse DNS.

Locked out? SSH or firewall configuration errors? No problem, use the ajax console to log into your slice and reset those pesky settings.


Slicehost account creation and login ebook: Creating a Slicehost account and and logging into the SliceManager is an easy and flexible process. Download the ebook for a close look.

Slicehost account management: Your Slicehost account has many configurable options - add more users, set email for login, backup and billing, enable API access and more.

DNS administration: Using the SliceManager DNS panel allows for powerful management of your domains' DNS records. Learn how to add zones and records in this easy to follow ebook.

Slice administration: The SliceManager allows for powerful administration of your Slice(s) - learn how to administer your Slice with this ebook.

Linux Distributions:

Choosing a Linux Distribution:If you’re new to Linux you’ll face a choice between some unfamiliar distributions. In this article we try to de-mystify those choices.

Slice Administration:

Slice Management: Using the powerful SliceManager makes Slice administration a pleasure. Let's look at the options available.

Resetting the root password: Forgetting or losing the root password for your Slice can cause many concerns and issues. Simply reset it in the SliceManager.

Speed up resizes - Part 1: This guide will help you shorten slice resize times, slice moves, and slice backup times.

Speed up resizes - Part 2: In this second part we examine another use case and look at the resize process in general.


How to use Rescue Mode: Rescue Mode grants you full access to a non-bootable slice's filesystem. You can use it to modify problem configuration files or to use scp to copy data from the slice to a remote location.

DNS Records:

Creating DNS Records: Creating and controlling DNS zones is simple with the SliceManager. Let's create the base records our domain.

Creating a Reverse DNS Record: Correctly setting your Slice Reverse DNS record is desirable for all of us but essential for anyone running a mail server.

Creating a Mail Exchange (MX) Record: To use email with your domain you will need to set a MX Record. It's very easy to do with in the SliceManager.

Creating MX records for Google Apps: Google Apps is a common way of handling email for your domain(s). Let's create the correct MX records for the domain.

Email - Preparing the Slice: It is vital the Slice has the basics such as the hostname and Reverse DNS correctly set before we configure any sort of mail service.

Rackspace Email & Apps:

Rackspace Email & Apps - Initial Signup Process: In order to begin using Rackspace Email, we must first purchase an account. This article will walk you through the initial signup process for Rackspace Email & Apps.

Creating MX Records for Rackspace Email & Apps: Now that you have purchased an account with Rackspace Email & Apps and setup your mailboxes, let's move forward with creating the necessary MX Records for use with this service.

Rackspace Cloud UK:

Creating a Rackspace Cloud UK Server: We don't have a datacenter in the UK for those who need one, but our parent company Rackspace does. Let us walk you through getting an account with Rackspace Cloud UK and creating your first Cloud server.

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