Configuring MySQL server on Arch

We continue our MySQL server setup for Arch by looking at configuration options to try and ensure the server doesn’t just run, but runs smoothly.

Installing MySQL Server on Arch

We look at installing MySQL on Arch and getting it running with a database and a user to access it.

Enabling and using apache's mod_status on Arch

Apache's mod_status module allows it to display a web page containing statistics about the web server's current state, including worker processes and active connections.

Barebones apache install for Arch

This article describes how to install an apache web server on Arch with no extras. It's intended only for users who are experienced administrators or who just want a basic web server install with no details on including modules like PHP or customizing apache for their site.

Apache Virtual Hosts on Arch - part 2

With the base apache virtual host configs in place on your Arch server, let's look at other settings you may want to apply to them.

Apache Virtual Hosts on Arch - part 1

Now that apache is running and configured on your Arch server we can add virtual hosts to let it serve more than one domain.

Apache configuration on Arch - part 2

We continue to look at apache configuration options for your Arch server.

Apache configuration on Arch - part 1

Your Arch web server continues to take shape as we delve into the depths of apache's configuration options.

Configuring the Apache MPM on Arch

Now that you know where the files are, let's look at how to tell apache to stay within the memory available to your Arch server.

Apache configuration files on Arch

Let's take a look at where apache's config files wind up when installed with the Arch package manager.

Installing PHP on Arch

Now that apache is running on your Arch server you might want to add PHP support to it. Here's how.

Installing apache on Arch

Installing the apache web server on an Arch server is as simple as using the "pacman" package manager.

Arch 2010.05 Setup - part 2

Now that we've secured access to our Arch 2010.05 slice we can update it and get it ready for the rest of the server install.

Arch 2010.05 Setup - part 1

Your Arch 2010.05 Slice will be a bare-bones install when it's created. We need to connect via SSH and secure it as soon as possible.

Using NTP to sync time on Arch

Keeping your Arch system's date and time accurate is easy to do using NTP.

Using pv-grub to run custom kernels on Arch - enabling and troubleshooting

Make the final changes to enable pv-grub for your Arch Linux VPS, then check the results.

Using pv-grub to run custom kernels on Arch - preparing the slice

The pv-grub kernel option allows your Arch Linux slice to boot from your own kernel instead of one of ours. Before you can try it out you need to prepare the slice with some config changes.

Understanding logrotate on Arch - part 2

In this second part of the logrotate series we look at how to set up rotation for virtual host logs, as well as some troubleshooting techniques.

Understanding logrotate on Arch - part 1

It's no fun when log files grow out of control. In this two-part series, learn how to use logrotate to keep those logs in check.

Downloading and using kernel source code ( and newer) on Arch

If you know you need to get your kernel source (or at least its headers) for a kernel version and newer, you can find instructions to do so on Arch Linux here.