automating a daily rsync backup

We saw how easy it was to use rsync and how to exclude files from the rsync backup.

To make things even easier, we can set up an automatic rsync and place the files into daily folders.

rsync - exclude files and folders

rsync is cool. What would be even cooler would be excluding particular files or even a whole folder from the backup process.

That's no problem using the rsync '--exclude' option.

Backing up your files with rsync

Backing up files on a regular basis is an integral part of administering your server.

One way is to download each and every file when you want to save them. However, rsync makes the task a lot easier as it only downloads files that have changed - saving time and bandwidth.

tar and untar - part deux

Now we've got the basics of tar and untar completed, we can move onto some more advanced (and useful) techniques.

So let's see how to add a single file or folder to existing backups. What about deleting individual files without extracting the whole archive?

tar and untar

When transferring files and backing up data from one computer to another, the smaller the file and the fewest number of files speeds up the process enormously.

This article concentrates on compressing and uncompressing files and folders using the command line into, and from, different formats.