Getting more out of dig

This article discusses dig's more verbose output options, then answers some common questions about dig not discussed in the previous two articles in this series, Verifying DNS configurations and Using dig with external nameservers.

Verifying DNS configurations

This article explains use of the open source "dig" tool to verify your Slicehost DNS configuration as a follow-up to our DNS Administration Guide.

Using dig with external nameservers

This article explains how to use the open source tool "dig" to query records on an external DNS server. The previous article in this series, Verifying DNS configurations, covered manually checking new DNS configurations on Slicehost's DNS servers.

Introduction to dig

Made DNS changes? Not sure if they are correct? Don't want to wait for the changes to propagate before discovering a small typo?

No problem. Using the common but often ignored command 'dig', we can query DNS servers for records, specify records and even specify which DNS server to query.