SliceManager API Documentation

The SliceManager API allows for the easy and convenient manipulation of your Slicehost account.

ebook - Slicehost account creation and login

When you create a Slicehost account your Slice is built straight away and you can log into the SliceManager using various methods.

Download the ebook to see how easy and flexible the account creation and login process is.

ebook - Slice administration

The SliceManager allows for detailed and powerful management of your Slice(s).

Learn how to clone, resize, rebuild and rename a Slice. Use the online console to access your Slice, enter rescue mode, reset the root password, diagnose your Slice and much more.

ebook - DNS administration

The SliceManager DNS panel allows for powerful management of your domains' DNS records with the easy to use interface.

Learn how to add DNS zones and configure individual A, CNAME and MX records along with much more.

ebook - Slicehost account management

Once your Slicehost account has been created, there are plenty of options available to you in managing the account.

You can add separate email address for login, backup, invoices. Add more users to the account, enable API access, view old invoices and much more.