Umask and unusual file permissions and types

In this last entry in our series on Linux file permissions we look at the umask and some more advanced file permissions. We also throw in some discussion of other file types you may see in a directory listing.

Using chmod, part 2 - octal mode

Now we look at the other way chmod can be used - with numbers. This is the more commonly-used format, but also the least user-friendly.

Using chmod, part 1 - symbolic mode

We've done the thinking and the seeing, now to start the doing. Continuing our series on file permissions, we look at using the chmod command.

Checking Linux file permissions with ls

Once you understand Linux file permissions, the next step on the road to enlightenment is learning how to check the permissions for a file or directory.

Linux file permission concepts

Linux file permissions are strange and wondrous things. Start down the path of understanding by looking at the core concepts behind them before moving on to practical applications.