Speed up resizes - Part 2

In the first part of this how-to we looked at how resize time is extended when a slice hosts many small files or many files that are being updated during the resize.

In this second part we look at the effect on resize time of large, constantly-updated files and how to mitigate it.

Speed up resizes - Part 1

This guide will help you shorten slice resize times, slice moves, and slice backup times. If your slice's applications match any of the characteristics highlighted in this how-to, then read on — this article will probably make resize times shorter and more predictable for you. We'll show you how cut resize times by taking preventative action before resizing, whether you are resizing up or resizing down.

And, as we like to give value for money, these tips will also speed things up for you if we ever have to move your slice or migrate it from failing hardware. As yet another benefit, backup times will be reduced.