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Automate File Transfer with WinSCP

In our first WinSCP article we installed WinSCP and explored some of its basic features . In this article we'll explore some advanced features of WinSCP including automated file transfers and synchronization.

The Windows ® Operating System is used by many at work, at home and, umm, elsewhere.

Having a Linux based Slice does not mean you are limited in accessing it from a Windows based PC. The only thing to work out is how to securely connect to your Slice.

Once you are securely connected to your Slice from a Windows machine, there should be no stopping you in your administrative and configuration tasks.

Windows Articles:

Log into your Slice with PuTTY: Logging into your Slice from Windows is very common. One option is to use PuTTY to create a secure connection.

Using PuTTYgen to generate SSH keys: Using PuTTY to securely log into your Slice from Windows is great. What is even better is using SSH keys as well.

Securely transfer files with WinSCP : In this article we look at using WinSCP to securely transfer files from our Windows workstation to our Slice.

Automate file transfers with WinSCP: Now we know how to transfer files from our Windows workstation to our Slice, let's see how we can automate the process.

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